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BIPOC Foodways Culinary Curation


If you have an important event coming up where you would like to have BIPOC culinary stylings represented, consider hiring BIPOC Foodways Alliance to do your culinary curation. 


What is culinary curation? 


BIPOC Foodways Alliance seeks to tell stories through food. 


We know that food is an extremely powerful tool—one that brings people together—and we also know how important it is to try and tell the appropriate stories about cultural food and foodways. 


BIPOC Foodways Alliance is not a caterer (though we know how to do that, too!) 

Instead, we want to help you tell, and rep, culturally relevant and uplifting stories with the food presentation at your event. 


After 20+ years as a food journalist and chef in the Twin Cities area, Mecca has countless meaningful relationships with our most talented BIPOC culinary creators. 


In some cases, these stories are underrepresented or under-the-radar—we want to help you find, and support these incredible people and organizations, and we want to help you host the most purposeful—and delicious—culinary experiences possible. 


We can also help you plan and execute your event. 


Contact us for more details.

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