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BIPOC Foodways Alliance

Dismantling White Supremacy Through Food
". . . what happens to any of us, anywhere in the world,

had better be the business of us all." 

-Maimie Till


BIPOC FOODWAYS ALLIANCE researches, archives, uplifts, and shares

diverse food stories of all BIPOC communities in 

a changing America. 



Everyone has a food story. But not everyone has a restaurant.

Our Tables provide a platform to tell unheard and underrepresented food stories from women of color, elders, immigrant communities, and other individuals who hold deep culinary knowledge and wisdom. 


We will share these stories over a communal table, and document them using video, audio, photography and print. 

In Mecca's 20+ years as a food journalist and chef, she saw firsthand that the most interesting food stories do not necessarily come out of restaurants. Instead, they come from families, passed down through repetition and oral tradition, often undocumented, with sharing as the key to understanding. 


These are the stories our Tables will tell. 


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Mecca Bos has been a Twin Cities based journalist and chef for more than 20 years. In these dual roles, she has become known as one of the leading local voices for marginalized voices in the food community. 

Using her dual platforms as a food writer and professional cook, Mecca has championed and uplifted the stories of people of color, women, elders, and immigrant communities, putting focus and spotlight on stories that the mainstream media may have traditionally overlooked or ignored. 

Mecca has been the dining critic of the now-defunct publications Twin Cities Metro and City Pages. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Taste, VICE, Paste, Travel + Leisure, Midwest Living, and many other publications. She is a regular contributor to Minnesota Public Radio, and is producing her own audio documentary work, Hidden Black Foodways.

Mecca's hobbies include thinking of travel, and tacos. 

Through the BIPOC Foodways Alliance, Mecca, Sean Sherman, and their community of allies plan to dismantle white supremacy using food as a tool. 

Based in the Twin Cities and around the world, BIPOC Foodways Alliance is dedicated to the documentation, examination, and promotion of the foodways of all BIPOC communities in the United States. 

We will tell stories through all mediums-- print, audio, visual, oral, and beyond, to preserve and advance BIPOC culture through food. 


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