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Todd Harris's Jambalaya + Plift

July 2023 |

Where are the Black business owners in the Cannabis industry? Todd Plift shares his story with guests at July's BIPOC Foodways Table, and with Mecca Bos in MPR's NorthStar Journey:

“You’re going to see scarcity of Black founders,” [Todd Harris] said. “You’re going to see the literal gentrification of cannabis.”

Currently, Black ownership makes up less than two percent in the cannabis industry, according to a 2021 jobs report in Leafly, one of the leading sources on cannabis use and education. Plift is one of just a handful of Black-owned cannabis companies in the state of Minnesota. It is currently producing about one thousand cases of product per week, but say it is growing quickly.

July 2023's BIPOC Foodways Table was made possible by generous donations from community donors like you. Donate to BIPOC Foodways Alliance to join our efforts to dismantle white supremacy through sharing stories about food.


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